UPDATED: YOU Season 2 spoilers alert

The second episode of You Season 2, if you haven’t seen it you might want to turn back now. Unlike Joe, we’re actually warning you about it. When you have killed as many people as You Season 2‘s Joe Goldberg, your past is bound to haunt you often literally, as is the case in the Netflix drama’s now streaming in second season.

Guinevere Beck, the object of Joe’s twisted affection in Season 1, makes a ghostly appearance in the second episode of Season 2; her arrival is triggered by Joe falling back into his old ways, specifically when he murders a finger-snatching thug named Jasper.

YOU Star Talks (Spoilers)
YOU Star Talks (Spoilers)

And she comes bearing a message for her killer ex-boyfriend: “Sometimes we hurt the one we love, right? You’re not afraid Love will hurt you, you’re afraid that you’ll hurt her.”

Penn Badgley tells that “It was a bit surreal of having actress Elizabeth Lail back on set. And it was a reminder of how much things have changed. When they started working on Season 2, the show was so established and he was so familiar with it, but every other person and place and thing was different, which is not the case with most TV shows.
He shares his thought that, it was strange to be like, Wow, they really just kept on going. And it’s very different now. And you’re not here and you seem to be the reason for the last one. She used to be ‘you!

After the second season of Netflix’s You was released, one month passed, and many people are still scratching their heads, over the ending of it. According to some people, the final episode was too rushed that we, the audience, had missed out on some of Joe’s crucial character development. But, everyone was bit shook over the twist that saw the Love admit to being just as murderous as Joe, and we are all still wondering that, who the hell the mystery neighbor is. Well, we all can only guess that’s why Netflix has already announced a third season is in the works, because to create curosity that we all have questions that we want answered.

If in case, anyone is still confused about where the You characters all landed at the end of season two, then you can watch the video above.