WHY Coronavirus is mysteriously sparing kids and killing elderly?

It looks mysterious why the spreading of coronavirus leaves young children virtually untouched, in that mystery it may hold vital clues for researchers.

How the virus works?

In 2.4% of reported cases of China were children and only 0.2 percent of reported cases were children who got critically ill, according to the World Health Organization. China has reported that no case of a young child dying of the disease covid-19.

The new coronavirus has proved especially deadly on the other end of the age spectrum. And fatality rate in China for those over 80 is an estimated 21.9%, as per WHO. However, the fatality rate is roughly 0.2% for ages 10 to 39, according to a separate study drawing on patient records of 44,672 confirmed cases. The fatalities and sever symptoms at even younger ages, are almost nonexixtent.

Understanding may help defeat the virus

Hence it is resulted that the new coronavirus is behaving very differently from other viruses, like the seasonal influenza that are usually especially dangerous for the very young and very old.

Frank Esper, who is a pediatric infectious disease specialist at the Cleveland Clinic Children’s said that if they figured out why children are so unaffected, then it could lead to breakthroughs in understanding the behaviors of COVID-19, how and why the virus sickens and kills the other age groups.