Tyson Foods Recalls Frozen Chicken Patty Over Contamination

For the frozen chicken patty products, Tyson Foods has issued a recall, over concerns they were possibly contaminated with extraneous materials, said the US Department of Agriculture.

That recall by Tyson Foods affects almost 39,078 pounds of Weaver brand, frozen fully cooked chicken patties that were produced on Jan. 31. These chicken patties were sold in 26 ounce reseal-able bags with a used by date of Jan. 31, 2020, said by USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, in a statement.

The number “P-13456” printed on the back of the reseal-able bag, on all the bags, that are targeted in the recall, said by the agency. The FSIS statement said that the patties may have been contaminated with some foreign matter, but they did not offer any additional details.

After the consumer’s complaints, FSIS said that they were notified of the potential contamination. FSIS agency also says that anyone who has purchased the patties affected by the recall should also toss them out or return them to retailer, where they were bought. Anyone, who was worried they might get sick from eating patties is also urged to contact a healthcare provider.

Tyson Foods also recalled more than 190,000 pounds of chicken fritters, in June, after the consumers reportedly found that hard plastic in their food.