Trump Tweet Escalating Tensions With Beijing

Trump tweet of ‘Chinese Virus’ adds fuel to fire with Beijing and also become trending on twitter. Have a look at tweet.

Trump Tweet
Trump Tweet

The United States President Donald Trump for the first time on his Twitter feed, used that phrase “Chinese Virus,” and all this is stepping up friction between the world’s two biggest economies, as each tries to deflect blame for a deadly pandemic.

Previously Trump has called the disease a foreign virus, but he tweeted on Tuesday that the United States will be powerfully supporting those industries, like the Airlines and others affected by Chinese Virus.

More interestingly, Donald Trump has previously retweeted a supporter who called it a China virus.

With the outreach of coronavirus from China into U.S. and around the world, both the nations are trading tit-for-tat claims about its origins. There is a tense back and forth over what to call to coronavirus is latest chapter, in a broader clash of world’s top economies that ranges from trade and military competition to the network equipment made by Huawei Technologies.