Trump is COVID19 +ve: SuperSpreader

The trend on #SuperSpreader is leading on Twitter following the reports the Trump is COVID19 Positive. In medical terms, a superspreader is an individual who is more likely to infect others because a superspreader is an unusually contagious organism infected with a disease.


Donald Trump is in the hospital taking remdesivir after being diagnosed for COVID19 +ve. There have been taken the test for half the White House, and astonishingly they have tested positive for coronavirus.

It’s been obvious, they ignore the social distancing and wearing masks SOPs. They hold SuperSpreader events for election campaigns.

This is how the White House administration leading the people through the pandemic. No wonder 200,000 people are dead and during the WH SuperSpreader event, several attendees went inside without masks.

“The City of Cleveland is aware of positive cases of Covid-19 following the Sept. 29 presidential debate,” according to a City Hall statement. “We advise anyone who has come in contact with someone who has tested positive to selfquarantine. If anyone who was in attendance has concerns or is symptomatic, they should contact their healthcare provider.”

The Cleveland Clinic later Friday clarified that “the 11 people who tested positive never accessed the debate hall.”

“These individuals were either members of the media or were scheduled to work logistics/set-up in the days prior to the event,” Clinic said Friday night. “Individuals did not receive credentials or tickets to enter the debate hall until they had a negative test, and all were advised to isolate while they awaited their test results.”