Trump Interested in Buying Greenland; WSJ

U.S President Donald Trump has occasionally talked to colleagues about the buying of Greenland, according to recent media reports.

On Thursday, Wall Street Journal first reported that people familiar with the discussions said that Donald Trump on multiple occasions raised the idea of buying Greenland, from Denmark during the meetings and dinners.

Trump also reportedly listened with the interest, when they discuss Greenland abundant resources and also its geopolitical importance,” according to Wall Street Journal. The Journal reported that the White House counsel was asked to research the possibility.

Associated Press reported on Thursday that U.S President was reportedly not look serious about that idea, but the Wall Street Journal reported that the Trump’s interest in strategically important island has been also characterized by the degrees of seriousness.

In 1946, U.S. also reportedly proposed for the acquisition of Greenland from Denmark for $100 million, the AP and the Wall Street Journal both reported.