Tigres Scored 3-0; As Veracruz Players Protest over Wages in early minutes

The Liga MX team Veracruz ended up playing, after initially planning to boycott the game over the issue of unpaid wages, but they were staging a protest in the early minutes against the Tigres Friday night in Mexico.

The president of Liga MX, Enrique Bonilla threatened the club with the immediate relegation should it not take the field Friday, as per ESPN. So despite of carrying out the original plan, both teams stopped play for the first minutes of the game.

    “Tiburones Rojos del Veracruz Footballers have agreed not to play the next fixture of the 2019 Apertura against the Tigres, emphatically that decision supported by Mexican Footballers Association (AMFproMX), and all footballers in domestic game in solidarity, with the clear interference of their basic labor rights,” statement released from AMFproMX on Wednesday, as reported by ESPN.

The protest staged by Veracruz through the first four minutes of the game and 20 seconds, but in the meantime, the Tigres began to score and the Veracruz players reportedly remained motionless.

That scene was astonishing, when Tigres went and scored three goals in the first eight minutes and Tigres was up 3-0 in the eighth minute, which reportedly was not part of the plan.

TV Azteca also reported that the Tigres knew the protest would last three minutes.

Veracruz occupies the league’s cellar, and will lose its 40th consecutive league game should Friday’s result hold, and has been embroiled in a number issues on- and off-field as of late. Hence, the club paid a sizable fine to stay in Liga MX at the end of last season.