“Sex Education” show is finally returned: “The Bus Scene” is “The Best TV Moment””

Sex Education show is finally returned this week and TBH, after a year between seasons, it was a perfect season of TV.

Everyone is calling “The Bus Scene” in “Sex Education” The Best TV Moment, and here is why it is the most powerful moment I’ve seen on TV for a long time. Actually wept.


Sex Education
Sex Education

And while everyone loved every single character arc in Season 2, so we can’t stop thinking about Aimee’s storyline, in particular the bus scene.


TV Sex Education

The Aimee’s storyline during Season 2, focuses on the aftermath of her getting sexually assaulted by a man on the bus.




After these scenes, we watch Aimee struggle with no longer being able to take the bus, and how her relationship with her boyfriend has eventually changed, and how she keeps envisioning her attacker.

Then suddenly the story-line culminates in two heartbreaking moments in Season 2, Episode 7.

When Aimee finally tells her friends what she is been dealing with and she learns that they have all been in similar situations.

After hearing all of the Aimee’s story, all of her friends meet her at the bus stop, and help her overcome her fear.

Sex Education really be showing how trauma doesn’t sink in quickly but when it does, it will make you fear things that you could do or places you go to before (e.g Aimee refusing to take the bus).

Can we all appreciate the writers of sex education for giving awareness on what every girl goes through being sexual assaulted by men.

It’s obvious when women support each other, incredible things happen in sex education.