Scientist Says Novel Coronavirus is not Mutating Quickly

According to at least one scientist, Vineet Menachery, the novel coronavirus appears not to be mutating quickly.

A scientist at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Vineet Menachery said that there was no clear evidence present that there have been any mutations in virus that will make the COVID-19 more virulent or more transmissible at this point.

He told about it, while speaking at a press briefing held by the American Society for Microbiology on Tuesday, Menachery said:

The data shows that there are a handful of small mutations, but nothing that seems to improve its ability to cause disease or transmit speedily. The pace of virus spread is consistent with what we see with coronaviruses.

He further adds that during the SARS outbreak, after the initial jump of virus from animals to humans, it quickly set itself as a very similar virus, across all the strains, and so the virus is not having a selective pressure to change and so they’re not anticipating any huge changes that would make it even more deadly or more virulent in future.