Pakistan Confirms First Case of Coronavirus Reinfection

It is sad to know that reinfection of coronavirus is another threat to human beings in this pandemic of COVID-19. At the Mayo hospital, Pakistan has confirmed the first case of coronavirus reinfection.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

The reinfected patient is exhibiting even more severe symptoms as compared to the previous symptoms of COVID-19, according to the Young Doctors Association (YDA), when the patient was first diagnosed.

The General Secretary of Young Doctors Association (YDA), Salman Kazmi wrote, in a post on social media, “Just seen a case of reinfection from COVID-19 with more severe symptoms.”

The reinfected patient was tested positive 3 months ago while treating the COVID-19 Patients. He is a doctor at Mayo Hospital in Lahore. The doctor made a complete recovery and was also discharged from the isolation centre after testing negative.

But recently the doctor developed more severe symptoms of coronavirus once again and tested positive for the disease hence, Kazmi has urged the public to exercise caution.

It is causing another distress to the patients that Coronavirus reinfection is possible even in patients with immunity to the virus, over 2,381,000 individuals have recovered from the illness across the globe.