Nike is Debuting Sneaker Subscription for kids

On Monday, Nike announced that it is debuting “Nike Adventure Club”, that is a sneaker subscription for kids, that ages two through 10. The Consumer Goods Company will offer the parents three options that is for their kids: among which four pairs of sneakers a year for $20 a month, and six pairs for $30 a month, or avail 12 pairs for $50 a month. Parents and kids will now be able to select from a selection of around 100 sneakers.

The subscription clubs for the clothing and meals and the razors will have changed the way people shop but is wading into the subscription market, for the very first time.

“This is probably one of the best examples of a major brand taking the attributes of a


digital brand” and linking it to its broader strategy, said Bryan Gildenberg, chief knowledge officer at Kantar Consulting.

Nike Inc is also targeting the time strapped parents in suburbs and the rural areas, who don’t live near a shoe store with the program. Nike also says that moving the young kids to a store every few months, for try on the sneakers that they will outgrow, can also frustrate the parents. Nike says that shopping for kids’ shoes online that also brings sizing issues and also return hassles.

“We’ve discovered a huge pain point for parents around shopping for kids’ shoes,” Dave Cobban, general manager of Nike Adventure Club, told CNN Business. “This was a great opportunity to experiment with different solutions.”

Two years ago, Nike also started piloting a sneaker club for the kids. And, it grew to 10,000 members and Cobban said that Nike believes it’s ready to unveil the service more broadly.