Netflix’s TV Show: The Witcher Review

Netflix’s The Witcher TV show is a dark, funny, and faithful adaptation of the fantasy series, a popular show.

The Witcher’s review contains light spoilers

Story of “The Witcher” is based on a series of fantasy novels from author Andrzej Sapkowski, who attained a new level of global fame, thanks to a series of video games. 2015’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, in particular, helped the author to propel the franchise to blockbuster status.


The Witcher’s every iteration follows Geralt, part of an ancient and dwindling line of monster hunters, known as witchers. They are mutated from a young age to be stronger and faster, and the process also gives them limited magical abilities along with prolonged life spans. Geralt is a gunslinger type, moseying into a town in trouble, slaying the inevitable magical beast, collecting his pay, and moving on.

While seeing the show, for a few minutes into the first episode, you are able to learn nearly everything about “The Witcher” hero Geralt (Henry Cavill). The titular witcher a work for hire monster hunter with some helpful superpowers is first seen in a swamp, about to kill by a giant spider monster, and beaten to almost drown. In the next scene, of episode, the hero Geralt heads to a local pub for information on his next quest, only to be subjected to ridicule and scorn from the villagers who are scared of his supernatural nature. Finally, he’s saved from a barroom brawl thanks to a helpful young woman, who very quickly in the episode becomes a romantic partner.

Netflix adaptation of the TV show captures the enigmatic hero perfectly. He’s also struggling to survive in a world that badly hates him, stubbornly attaching to a moral code that forces him into the dangerous situations. He’s also gruff and sarcastic and always down for a fight, impossibly charming, and frequently irresistible. It’s a premise that worked well in book and the video game form and now it’s one of the best series on Netflix.

“The Witcher” is different series than most fantasy stories that includes obvious contemporaries like Game of Thrones. It does have few elements of a vast epic tale, including plenty of political machinations and lots of warring kingdoms but at its best, “The Witcher” is like a fantastical detective series, with the hero Geralt investigating dangerous magical creatures and inevitably being pulled into much bigger conspiracies.