Los Angeles Instagram Influencers For Lifestyle Inspiration

The young people now flock to Los Angeles, now-a-days to become a Hollywood sensation,  that could be on the wane, to become this generation’s next big Instagram influencer.

LA is the popular city to photograph, known for its cool social scene and Instagrammable views, if someone wants to boost the Instagram likes and anyone who aims to make a living from social media knows this.

Millennials have capitalized on the city’s cool and she built a business and lifestyle, on their Instagram accounts.

They aren’t the only ones here’s who else is making it big in the Los Angeles, without stepping into a film studio, and who to follow for enviable lifestyle inspiration.

Helen Owen was born in England and didn’t make it over to LA until after the high school when she attended UCLA for the college. She studied design but late on started to model.

She is more of a travel blogger than anything else, and the globe-trotting with her ex-Bachelorette contestant boyfriend, Zack Kalter and she posting all her adventures on the Instagram and her blog as well.

She isn’t part of the LA community only, Owen spends a lot of her time at home in  the West Hollywood, showing off her spotless abode, and teaching her 1.5 million followers, about how to make homemade cashew milk.

Alyssa Lynch, hailing from Canada, came to Los Angeles and also won a few small TV and film roles but her Instagram account soon caught the traction and became her full time gig.

Whatever she is posting her latest LA coffee shop find, or her newest vegan cookie obsession, everything become viral and she is making the most of the Instagram friendly Los Angeles food scene.

Whether she is not eating her way through LA’s vegan hotspots, she’s working up a sweat at Hot 8 Yoga or Barry’s Bootcamp.

Another big name, Annabelle Fleur has built her Los Angeles lifestyle from her fashion blog, the VivaLuxury.

Whether she is posing on Rodeo Drive or the Melrose Place, her Instagram is chock full of #lewks from the designer brands like Jacquemus and Louis Vuitton.

Although she takes her fashion overseas to get some of the exotic ‘grams, she is always up to speed on latest Los Angeles fashion trends, and also strutting for the perfect shot, you know it’s going to include one of LA’s most popular backdrops.

Sariñana, who is a Mexican native, is known mostly for her jet setting, but also posts a mean LA-gram.

Whether she’s taking Coachella by fashion storm or strolling the Hollywood Hills on a Sunday, Sariñana’s shots regularly clock up 100,000 likes. She also sells her best LA looks on Shop Sincerely Jules.

Chiara Ferragni is killing the social media game, with 16.7 million followers on Instagram, in 2017, Forbes ranked her as the number one fashion influencer, all thanks to her blog “The Blonde Salad”.

After ten years of “The Blonde Salad”, she is now running a $33 million fashion retail business and being a blogger she grew up in Milan and moved to LA in 2013 to expand her platform.