Kardashian Always Discovered New Ways to Keep on Ketogenic diet

40 years old celebrity, Kourtney Kardashian is back on the keto bandwagon. She always discovered new ways to keeping up with keto diet, here is she shared her favorite cheesecake recipe.

Kardashian shared her friend and chef Sara Motamedi’s recipe, that is of a delicious cheesecake on her lifestyle website Poosh and its also keto recipe. “If you have a sweet tooth, consider this your new favorite dessert even if you’re not on keto, it’s a true crowd-pleaser,” she wrote.

Kardashian liked dessert like monk fruit sweetener, smart swaps, crushed nuts, in place of higher sugar counterparts she likes and unsweetened homemade whipped cream.

The recipe directions come with a disclaimer:

 “This recipe is not very sweet, so feel free to add sugar according to your preference.” it still looks absolutely delish, that’s pretty much a given on keto.

This recipe fits with the ketogenic diet, which is all about minimizing the carbs incorporation and upping your fats in it, to get your body to use the fat as a form of energy, Scott Keatley, R.D., of Keatley Medical Nutrition Therapy previously told in the Women’s Health.