Johanna Lindsey Dies with Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Johanna Lindsey, who is best-selling romance novelist, dies after losing her battle with lung cancer at stage 4, she was 67. The unexceptional romance writer authored nearly 60 titles throughout 40-year career.

Lindsey had started career in 70s and released her first title the ‘Captive Bride’ in 1977 with massive success. Her other titles include: ‘Savage Thunder, Captive of My Desires, Once a Princess’.

Popular, sensational romantic novel writer, who authored nearly 60 titles throughout her career, died in Nashua, New Hampshire, on October 27, The New York Times reported.

Lindsey’s son, Alfred, said that his mother died of complications from the lung cancer. He also told the New York Times that the family had been too devastated by her death to announce it in October.

Johanna Lindsey
Johanna Lindsey

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The Captive Bride told the story of an English women, who was kidnapped by a sheik. Following her first novel, which was published by Avon Books, Lindsey started writing and publishing two books per year.

After 37 best-sellers Johanna Lindsey series  in 2001, Lindsey left Avon for Simon & Schuster, according to the Times.

60 million copies of Johanna Lindsey books sold. In her 40-year career, her published titles included: ‘Savage Thunder, Captive of My Desires, Once a Princess.’ And Johanna Lindsey 2019 most recent book ‘Temptation’s Darling’ was published this year.