GM’s new 2020 Corvette

General Motors Company’s new 2020 Corvette, that is a modern version of the classic American sports car, and that isn’t the first thing that pops into someone head. General Motors eighth-generation ‘Vette, dubbed C8, is radically unique from its predecessors that is for 66 years and had the engine in front. The General Motors’ engineers, this time moved the GM trademark small-block V8 behind the passenger compartment. That is so close to driver’s belt, running the water pump, and other accessories is only a foot away of it.

The sweeping front fenders, are gone in the newest model, because the traditional long hood and also large, and are replaced by a downward-sloping snub nose, and the short fenders. There is a big tapered hatch in the back that opens to a small trunk, and low-sitting 6.2-liter, 495 horsepower engine.

“We were reaching the performance limitations of a front-engine car,” explains Tadge Juechter, the Corvette’s chief engineer, ahead of Thursday night’s glitzy unveiling in a World War II dirigible hangar in Orange County, California.

With a mid-engine, the flagship of GM’s Chevrolet brand will have the weight balance and center of gravity of a race car, rivaling European competitors and leaving behind sports sedans and ever-more-powerful muscle cars that were getting close to outperforming the current ‘Vette.

“We’re asking people to spend a lot of money for this car, and people want it to be the best performer all around,” Juechter said.