Deadly Australian wildfires destroys hundreds of homes

The wildfire emergency in Australia is growing worse by the hour. At least 17 people have died, more than 1,400 homes have been destroyed and thousands are fleeing, Wscoverage reports.

“Half a billion animals have been killed, including a third of the local koala population.”

The fires started in August 2019, the extreme high temperatures and dry winds have dried the landscape creating an extreme risk of fire. The Prime Minister left for vacation as the fires intensified in December, which is why people are mad at him.

People can usually get to safety and replace their homes…but the wildlife can’t. Our heart really goes out to all of Australian population, humanity and wildlife. So devastating! in this state of emergency, the Australian people need your support and reassurance.

The officials said the next few days would be among the worst yet in an already catastrophic fire season, calling for evacuations along the southeastern coast.

Across the scorched southeast, frightened Australians taking a few cherished things, abandoning their homes and vacation rentals, and braving smoke that discolored the skies struggled Thursday to evacuate as wildfires turned the countryside into charcoal wasteland.

And from government officials came a disheartening warning: This weekend will be one of the worst periods yet in Australia’s catastrophic fire season.