Curious About How Depression is Associated With Your Diet?

Depression is associated with your diet? Yes its true as a new study from researchers at the Australia’s Macquarie University, suggested there is a causal connection between the diet and depression. They derived that result, from a randomized controlled trial, and found dietary improvements lasting just a few weeks, can also help improve overall mood and the symptoms of anxiety.

There are also a number of large epidemiological studies that have found strong correlations between the poor dietary habits and depression. Now these observational correlation seems clearer, as scientists have been divided, over whether there is a just a causal relationship between the two factors or does a bad diet actively make a person depressed, or is a bad diet simply a symptom of depression?

The study was conducted, under which 76 students were examined with moderate to high symptoms of depression. The cohort was randomized into the two groups: one continuing the normal dietary patterns, acting as a control, and a diet change group were offered specific intervention instructions that includes a hamper of healthy food items. And in the diet change group, followed general Mediterranean style eating patterns.

With a three month follow up period, the diet intervention lasted three weeks, and after the trail the diet change group displayed visible improvements across several measures. Their depression scores shifted to normal, and the diet group reported lower anxiety scores as compared to the group continuing normal dietary practices. And only 21 percent of the diet intervention group reported continuing the healthy eating activities, three months later but all those that did showed consistent improvements in mood.

Paul Keedwell, who is a psychiatrist from Cardiff University, who did not work on this new study said that “While the findings of the reaserch are encouraging there is probably a strong placebo effect that is operating in healthy diet group,” says Keedwell. “So, while it is important to eat a healthy diet to help maintain good the physical and mental health, he doubt that it is more important than the timely access to the good psychiatric care, the physical exercise and the emotional support.”