Covid-19 Updates: Dangerous for Older People

Covid-19 Updates:

The early data from China shows some interesting facts, even before the Covid-19 virus reached more than 100 countries around the world, suggested that older adults were the most vulnerable to the worst effects of the disease.

China data along with the research from Italy, which is the second most affected country with the virus in the world is showing just how dangerous Covid-19 is for older people, and others with heart, lung, and immunological conditions.

According to a chart, that has been shared thousands of times on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit alongside a claim it shows the seriousness of the novel coronavirus epidemic, has been somewhat fabricated, when its death toll is compared to other diseases. But according to the health experts the graphic is misleading and risks underplaying the danger of the COVID-19 virus, which is a new disease with a fast rising mortality rate.

Below is a chart, titled Disease Deaths per Day Worldwide. It purports to compare daily mortality rates of COVID-19 and other fatal diseases, including tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and seasonal flu.

Covid-19 Mortality Rate
Covid-19 Mortality Rate

Italy is one of the world’s country with oldest populations, a March 4 analysis by the national health institute found that 105 patients who died from the novel corona virus, were of the average age was 81. This data put a 20 year gap between the average age of people who tested positive for coronavirus and the deceased, the institute said.  An ICU physician in Lombardy, which is epicenter of Italy’s outbreak told that there have been only two deaths of people under the age of 50, on Friday.

The researchers looked at the first 72,314 patients in a late February report, with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 and discovered a huge variation in the case fatality rate by age group. In fact the disease seems to be deadlier in people with each passing decade.

Covid-19 virus
Covid-19 virus

COVID-19 SOS Alert:

The international SOS is highly experienced in the evacuating patients with infectious disease, by having safely transported numerous infectious patients around the world. The covid-19 SOS alert has the medical and technical capability to undertake international evacuation of patients with COVID-19 infection. But the feasibility of doing so is dependent on the authorization of governmental, health and aviation authorities.