Coronavirus pandemic: US Witness the single Deadliest Day

The United States witness the single deadliest day during the coronavirus pandemic with nearly 1,200 people killed on Friday, Aljaazera reported. The virus continues to spread rapidly and claim lives at an alarming pace despite the lockdown.

Early on Friday, there were now 6,057 deaths in the US, as the Johns Hopkins University reported and there are more than 245,500 confirmed cases.

The horrible statistics of the death toll in the USA came as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases around the world surged past one million, with deaths topping 53,000 globally.

COVID-19 is ruling the world with the fear of death with a fast spread of pandemic with Italy, Spain, the US, and the United Kingdom all seeing their deadliest days yet.

COVID-19 pandemic will cost the world economy as much as $4.1 trillion or nearly 5% of all economic activity, the Philippines-based Asian Development Bank said on Friday.

The lockdown of the world adversely affects the world’s economy as well. Right now, roughly 90% of the US population is under stay at home orders.

It’s the first time in the world’s history that we have seen the rising jobless numbers worldwide which showed the outbreak has thrown 10 million Americans out of work, in just a time period of two weeks, and heading towards the most stunning collapse the US job market has ever witnessed.

The epicenter of the US outbreak is in New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio urged the residents of New York to cover their faces when outside and Vice President Mike Pence said that there would be a recommendation on use of the masks by the general public in coming few days.