Coronavirus in China: 25 people have died

A new viral pneumonia disease, Coronavirus in China, its cases rose to 571 on the China’s mainland as of Wednesday data, which includes 95 in critical condition.

China’s National Health Commission (NHC) confirmed as many as 25 people have died, from a fast-spreading coronavirus and the total number of confirmed cases in the country rose to 830.

Among other countries Japan  and South Korea also confirmed a second patient has been infected.

In wake of wide spreading viral disease, the World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday said at a press conference that the outbreak did not yet constitute a global public health emergency.

Furthermore, 393 suspected cases were reported as of Wednesday. All the reported deaths from coronavirus were in Hubei province, the epicenter of the outbreak.

Outside the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan each confirmed one case. Thailand confirmed three cases, while the United States, Japan and South Korea reported one confirmed case each, the commission said.

Health authorities have traced 5,897 people who had close contact with the patients, and 969 of them have been released from medical observation, with 4,928 still under medical observation.

Wahan Government Actions

For possible disease control, Wahan government announced a suspension of the city’s public transport system, including buses, subway and ferry, and exits of airport and railway stations in the city.

More in the upgraded measures are being taken to contain the outbreak of viral pneumonia within Wuhan to prevent it further spreading to other regions.

The vice minister of the National Health Commission, Li Bin, said on Wednesday,

“We must be steadfast and strong to keep the outbreak within Wuhan. We’ll urge Hubei province and the city of Wuhan to take the strictest measures for prevention and control.”

He said at a news conference organized by the State Council Information Office,

“Such measures include intensifying supervision of open air markets, minimizing public activities, taking the strictest measures regarding people with fever and preventing the outbreak from further spreading.”

Wear masks to prevent spread of virus

Wuhan government required that all people in public places such as hotels, restaurants, parks, cinemas, shopping centers and public transportation to wear masks to prevent spread of the virus, according to an announcement on Wednesday night.

Hubei Reported 444 cases

Hubei provincial government reported 444 confirmed cases on Wednesday night, of the new coronavirus in Hubei alone as of 8pm. The death toll surged from nine on Tuesday to 17.

“Human-to-human transmission of the disease has appeared, and the virus is likely to mutate. There are risks of the further spread of the disease,” Li said, adding that the ongoing traffic peak with the upcoming Spring Festival has increased the risks of it spreading, which requires a high state of alert.