BBB20: Babu vent with Thelma about depression before reality

During the party on Saturday the 21st, Babu and Thelma talked a lot about the game’s outcome so far. At a certain point, the brother vented saying that he was experiencing depression before entering the BBB20 house and that reality helped him to overcome the situation.


Thelma, is the leader of the week and guaranteed that her brother is not a voting option for her, even if the whole house keeps him as a target. Babu was the participant with more nominations for the wall of the season.

At another time of the party, he cried alone when he heard about the possibility of seeing his friend, Felipe Prior, in the vote to eliminate reality. Without Prior, Babu would be in a condition of great isolation, as the other participants consider him to be a person of difficult temperament.


Trial of the Angel

Babu barely managed to win the angel test yesterday and cried a lot when he learned of the result. Rafa won, but there were people who found the victory unfair.


Uol columnist Mauricio Stycer wrote that there was an interference from the presenter of Tiago Leifert in the dispute, which may have benefited his sister.

Basically, the brothers selected for the dispute had to discover the secret of the padlocks of five chests and whoever got to the last first took the test and a new car.

According to Stycer, at a certain point in the race, Rafa made a mistake and tried to open a chest that was not his. At this time, Leifert said more than once that the sister was in the wrong place and even indicated where her chests were. Then the presenter justified the attitude: “I had to warn you just so you wouldn’t interfere in the little friend’s lane”.


The Uol columnist points out that naturally the sister would realize that she was wrong and the time lost could have been enough to change the outcome of the game, and that Babu knows she would have taken the angel of the week. Leifert’s scene interfering in the game was left out of yesterday’s edition of BBB20, shown on TV Globo.