A daycare owner arrested over child abuse: Colorado

In this week, a Colorado daycare owner was arrested, after 26 kids found behind phony wall. That is more than a month after the authorities discovered those preschoolers.


Carla Faith, who is 58, was booked Monday over the suspicion of careless child abuse, without injury and also attempted to influence a public servant, authorities said.


Three employees named, Christina Swauger, 35, Katelynne Nelson, 31 and Valerie Fresquez, 24 were arrested on similar charges.


Police is also checking out reports of overcrowding at Play Mountain Place, in Colorado Springs Nov. 13 said that they found the children all under the age of 2 in a basement behind a false wall, along with two adults, possible case of child abuse.


Mostly those toddlers were dehydrated and also found in dirty diapers, according to an arrest warrant affidavit obtained by The Gazette.


When the pilfers showed up, Faith had claimed there was no basement and that children were away at a park, according to the affidavit.



But one of the officers noticed a large stack of children’s backpacks in a closet. Faith said she was volunteering to clean the backpacks for a soccer team, the affidavit states.


An officer heard music coming from the basement and a child crying, and another cop eventually discovered the fake wall.


It was said by parents that they had no clue their kids were being cared for in an unfinished basement, nor was that Faith watching so many tots.


The Play Mountain Place was only authorized to care for six children. That’s why the state Department of Human Services suspended its license.


The state Department of Human Services in November also ordered Faith to close two other daycares in Colorado Springs and said it was investigating their operations as well.


She also posted $3,000 bond Wednesday. Furthermore, her next court appearance is set for Jan.