49ers final playoff scenarios: Seahawks 21

NFC West title clash: “Seahawks” came up inches short of a division title. Seahawks battled back after trailing 13-0 at halftime, and had the ball with a chance to win back in the final seconds. But Jacob Hollister was stopped inches short of the goal line, on fourth-and-goal, very unfortunate for Seattle. That is allowing the 49ers to escape with a 26-21 victory that gives them the NFC’s No. 1 overall seed.

In the meanwhile, Seahawks finish by 11-5 and will go to Philadelphia in the next week to play the Eagles in wild-card round on Sunday, January 5th at 1:40pm PT.


The 49ers and Seahawks will play the final regular-season game of the decade on Sunday night, and the rest of the action close across the NFL means their playoff fates are officially set.


Here is what the 49ers are facing with a win, loss or tie in Seattle:


A 49ers win means


A 48ers win means an NFC West title and the No. 1 seed in the NFC for San Francisco. They’d get a first-round bye and hold home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. This didn’t change with Sunday’s games.


What did change was their second-round matchup. San Francisco’s first playoff game would be in the divisional round at home against the lowest-remaining seed. That means they’d host the Vikings, Seahawks or Eagles.


A 49ers loss means


A 49ers loss means the finish second in the NFC West and to grab the No. 5 seed in NFC. The Eagles beat Dallas in Week 16, and downed the Giants 34-17 in Week 17, they had earned the NFC East title and the No. 4 seed. The 49ers would travel to Philadelphia on wild card weekend, if they win that game, they’d either head to Green Bay or New Orleans in the divisional round depending on how the other games shake out.

A 49ers-Seahawks tie means


A 49ers tie means the win in the NFC West but earn the No. 3 seed in NFC. The team at third-place doesn’t get a first-round bye but they do get a home game on wild card weekend. San Francisco would host in the event of a tie, Minnesota at Levi’s Stadium in the wild card game. And the win there would send them to New Orleans for the second round.