$2.25m Won by a British teenager in Fortnite World Cup Finals

Fortnite World Cup finals won by a British teenager, he got nearly a million pounds after coming second in the finals alongside his teammate. The winner is Jaden Ashman, who is from Essex will split $2.25m with his Dutch partner.

He told the BBC, the 15-year-old, competing under the name Wolfiez, he was also stunned to have finished so high.

The worldwide popular online shooter game Fortnite has almost 250 million users worldwide, and that event’s prize pool of $30 million is the biggest ever at an esports event. In the duos event, Jaden and his team mate the Dave Jong (Rojo) came second.

Jaden mother, Lisa Dallman said that she and her son also used to have the rows because his grades had suffered at school. He has played the game since it came out, about two years ago, but unlike most of the other finalists, he is unknown with only a few thousand followers and fans on the gaming social media. 40 million players attempted to qualify over 10 weeks of the online competition and the winner will take home almost $3m and also become first Fortnite World Champion. Fortnite finals concluded on Sunday with 100 players were battling on giant computer screens, in Arthur Ashe Stadium in the New York.