’13 Reasons Why’ Season 4: Emotional Ending!!

’13 Reasons Why’ Season 4 and Emotional Ending

Now officially time comes to say goodbye to 13 Reasons Why, with the final season the season 4 premiering on Netflix this Friday, June 5.

Dylan Minnette is looking like a mixture of emotions bidding farewell to his character, Clay Jensen in the ’13 Reasons Why’.

The star says about the show

“It’s emotional but I’m mainly just excited.” “But I’m just excited and it’s the right time ending the show on the terms that we want to and I feel like we’re giving a sendoff to these characters and one that is deserved,” he says.

That season will take a major glimpse at Clay’s mental health, something Minnette has expressed interest in doing for years.

Clay Jensen

He also shares, “It was important that I have been wanting that for Clay since season 1, there’s so much going on inside of him, what is it? How do you pinpoint it?

“How do you label it? How much does it actually affect him? How deep does it go? I had all of these questions and I feel like it’s perfect that in season 4, Clay is seeing Dr Altman because Dr Altman has been name-dropped since season 2 of the show.

He says, ” I feel like it’s just the perfect way to help tell Clay’s story in the final season and it feels very rounded…….. I’m glad that season 4 is sort of what it is, a deep dive into Clay’s mind.”

Dylan Minnette is hoping the finale of the show will bring closure to fans, as they have been waiting for where the season ends.


13 Reasons Why

Clay Jensen has certainly been put through the ringer during the show’s tenure, but Dylan Minnette wouldn’t have really changed that because it brought the character to where he is now.

Clay’s most of the struggles originated from Hannah Baker’s Katherine Langford suicide in season 1 of the show.

“All Clay wanted to be, he wanted to be a hero and that has been a downfall of his time and time again on the show. That’s all he wanted for Hannah and he wanted to be a positive influence for her and to be that person so badly for so many people along the way, and I think that Clay does end up being that for certain people on this show by the end and I think it’s great to explore that and to see that all sort of wrapped up in the end,” Minnette shares. “I think it’s just some real poetic things in the writing at the end of the show that I’m very happy about.”

The 23 year old actor just hopes fans will enjoy the sendoff the Netflix series gives to the characters.

“I hope that everyone feels rewarded enough in the end and feels like they got the closure they needed with these characters ’cause that’s what this season is… it’s just to finish a story that we started,” Minnette says. “There’s a real positive message in the end of this season and I hope that it resonates with people and that everyone feels fulfilled and uplifted.”