10 Facts Why is #Obamagategate trending on Twitter?


1. This is a trend on twitter because people understand that Trump and his allies are trying to make a crime out of a perfectly legal process?

2. ObamagateGate: It’s a scandal where Trump tried to distract from his terrible performance handing Covid19 and the impending release of his tax returns by creating a fictitious scandal involving (one assumes, although uncertain) President Obama.

3. There are 39 Conspirators in the final few days of the Obama administration conspired to commit espionage. It was ordered by Obama and run by Biden.

4. The motive behind obamagategate is purely To harm the incoming administration and its key players.

5. Corruption: White House, Justice Department, State Department, FBI, DNI, CIA, et al.Arrests, Convictions, Executions to follow.

6. Because the extent and breadth of the Obama administration’s corrupt activities are finally coming to light as more……until now protected documents are being opened to the public. It’s long overdue.

7. It somehow comforts me to know that President Obama pays absolutely no attention to these idiotic trends that have been popping up this week, that are based on the lies and stories Trump comes up within his sick little mind.

8. There is no such thing as Obamagate. Trump’s PR Agency (Fox) decided the best way to distract us from the virus “hoax” is to create a scandal and give it a catchy name and a hashtag. The real scandal is the attempted creation of a scandal.

9. Obamagate = one more lie by Donald Trump to distract from his corruption and incompetence. A bedtime story for stupid people.

10. Obamagate is the idea that Obama somehow FORCED Michael Flynn to secretly accept $530,000 from Turkey in exchange for altering American foreign policy. Put that way it sounds incredibly stupid, so contains blur it out and try to non-specifically blame Obama for Flynn’s felonies, avoiding all detail.