$1 million donated to UWM by Bud and Sue Selig

$1 million donated by Bud and Sue Selig, to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s Lubar Entrepreneurship Center, in order to support entrepreneur-in-residence program, according to a UWM press release.

Sue Selig was awarded an honorary degree of “Doctor of Business” from UWM in 2013, and the Chancellor’s Innovation Award in 2015, to recognize his efforts and entrepreneurial skills. And he credits his father, Ben for the sparking his interest in the entrepreneurship.

“For decades, Bud’s leadership and innovation have inspired not only Milwaukeeans but also baseball fans and business leaders across the nation. This generous gift will inspire our students to follow in his footsteps,” UWM Chancellor Mark Mone said in the press release. “Increasing innovation in our region and state is critical. I am so appreciative of Bud and Sue Selig for making this essential investment in UWM.”

“I am excited to support the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center because I believe it is essential that our young people think creatively to find solutions to the world’s problems,” Bud Selig said in the press release. “My father was a sophisticated business person who taught me to take calculated risks. Through this entrepreneur-in-residence program at UWM, his legacy as an innovative leader will live on.”

That donation contributes to UWM’s largest fundraiser in history: made in Milwaukee, Shaping the World: The Campaign for UWM.  Lubar Entrepreneurship Center also provides a space to students, the faculty and community members, to think about the entrepreneurship and create ideas.